• Client: Rotunda Construction
  • Location: Capital One UK
  • Value: £250K

Transforming Restrooms: Capital One Building’s Aesthetic Refurbishment Success

A&S Mechanical Engineering undertook a design and build project to refurbish the male, female, and disabled toilets across three floors within the Capital One Building in Nottingham. The project was characterised by its distinct aesthetic requirements, as both the architect and client had a specific look in mind. Collaboration with the design team was integral to ensuring a full understanding of the desired aesthetics and successful project delivery. Given the refurbishment nature of the works, we conducted thorough assessments of the existing ventilation and water systems to align with building standards and uncover potential service issues.


  1. Aesthetic Precision: Achieving the precise look envisioned by the architect and client demanded meticulous attention to design and execution.
  2. Infrastructure Validation: Ensuring that the existing ventilation and water systems could meet the new design requirements while addressing any pre-existing service issues was a key challenge.
  3. Functional and Aesthetic Integration: Coordinating the installation of supply and extract grilles while preserving the room’s aesthetic harmony presented a challenge.


A&S Mechanical Engineering crafted a tailored solution to address these challenges:

  1. Design Collaboration: Close collaboration with the design team ensured a deep understanding of the desired aesthetics, enabling the project to be executed to the exact specifications.
  2. Ventilation System: A new ventilation system was designed, with extract grilles installed within the toilet areas and a supply grille in the lobby area to maintain aesthetic and functional integrity.
  3. Water System Design: A new hot and cold water system was created to serve the sanitary facilities within the toilet areas. Pipework was mostly concealed, with the exception of drainage and waste pipework.
  4. Copper Drainage: To preserve the room’s unique look, copper drainage was proposed where visible, aligning with the room’s aesthetics without compromising functionality.
  5. Sanitary Selection: Our experienced design team and procurement manager collaborated to create a portfolio of sanitaryware options. The client was offered a range of choices within the predefined budget, ensuring that the selected sanitary items met both aesthetic and financial requirements.


The project’s completion delivered the following outcomes:

  • Aesthetic Excellence: The Capital One Building’s toilets now exude the precise look envisioned by the architect and client, combining style and functionality.
  • Infrastructure Validation: The assessment of existing systems ensured that the new design met building standards and addressed any potential service issues.
  • Efficient Coordination: Installation of supply and extract grilles and copper drainage were executed efficiently, preserving the room’s aesthetic harmony.

A&S Mechanical Engineering’s meticulous design and execution approach ensured that the Capital One Building’s toilet refurbishment combined style and function, resulting in a space that aligned precisely with the client’s vision. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering projects that meet exacting aesthetic and functional standards.