• Client: Rosebirch Fit Out Solutions
  • Location: Chesterfield, UK
  • Value: £80k
  • Works: Heating & Cooling Systems, Mechanical Ventilation, Domestic Hot & Cold Water and Above Ground Drainage.

Comprehensive Mechanical Systems Overhaul at Chesterfield Car Showroom

A&S Mechanical Engineering was invited to collaborate on the redesign and implementation of heating, cooling, mechanical ventilation, and domestic water systems at MG Chesterfield. The scope included a cutting-edge Toshiba VRF air conditioning system, Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) units, a wet radiator heating system, and a comprehensive public health package.


  1. System Integration: Coordinating the installation of diverse systems, including VRF air conditioning, MVHR units, and radiator heating, required meticulous planning and execution.
  2. Project Delivery: Ensuring a snag-free delivery within the tight 2-month timeframe was a key challenge, with the aim of having the showroom operational promptly.
  3. Mechanical Design Excellence: Conducting thorough mechanical design, including heat loss calculations, to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of the heating and cooling systems.


A&S Mechanical Engineering devised a comprehensive solution to meet these challenges:
  1. Mechanical Design: In-depth mechanical design, incorporating precise heat loss calculations, laid the foundation for efficient and effective heating and cooling systems.
  2. Cutting-edge Cooling: A new Toshiba VRF air conditioning system was installed, providing state-of-the-art cooling capabilities for optimal comfort.
  3. Ventilation Efficiency: MVHR units were strategically implemented for mechanical ventilation, ensuring energy-efficient heat recovery and maintaining excellent indoor air quality.
  4. Heating Excellence: A wet radiator heating system was integrated, delivering efficient and uniform heating throughout the refurbished showroom.
  5. Water Systems: Domestic hot and cold water systems were revamped, enhancing functionality and efficiency.
  6. Drainage Enhancement: Above-ground drainage systems were upgraded to ensure seamless and reliable drainage.


The project’s successful completion delivered the following key outcomes:

  • Efficient Climate Control: The Toshiba VRF air conditioning system provided precise and efficient climate control, enhancing customer comfort within the car showroom.
  • Ventilation Excellence: MVHR units contributed to enhanced indoor air quality, recovering heat efficiently and supporting the facility’s overall energy efficiency.
  • Heating Comfort: The wet radiator heating system delivered consistent and comfortable heating, creating an inviting environment for customers and staff.
  • Programme Adherence: The installation was flawlessly executed within the 2-month timeframe, ensuring the showroom was operational as planned.

A&S Mechanical Engineering’s meticulous mechanical design and precise execution of diverse systems transformed the Chesterfield car showroom, creating an energy-efficient and comfortable environment. This case study highlights our commitment to delivering excellence in mechanical engineering projects, meeting stringent timelines and exceeding client expectations.