• Client: Conditioned Environment Regions
  • Location: Kettering, UK
  • Value: £39k
  • Works: Bathroom Refurbishment, Tea Points & Domestic Hot & Cold Water and Above Ground Drainage.

Revitalising Office Space at Regus in Kettering

A&S Mechanical Engineering played a pivotal role in enhancing office facilities during a refurbishment project in Kettering. Tasked with delivering a comprehensive installation, our focus included the refurbishment of existing toilet blocks, the introduction of new tea points, and the creation of a disabled access showering area.


  1.  Toilet Refurbishment Complexity: Overhauling existing toilet blocks demanded precision to modernise facilities and ensure compliance with contemporary standards.
  2. New Installations Integration: Introducing new elements such as tea points and a disabled access showering area required seamless integration with existing infrastructure.
  3. Programme Adherence: Delivering the installation snag-free within the tight 2-month timeframe was crucial to ensure the office could resume operations promptly.


A&S Mechanical Engineering devised a comprehensive solution to meet these challenges:

  1. Toilet Refurbishment: Diligent refurbishment of toilet blocks was conducted, ensuring modernisation and compliance with contemporary standards.
  2. Tea Point Installations: New tea points were strategically installed, enhancing the office’s functionality and providing convenient refreshment spaces.
  3. Disabled Access Showering Area: A&S implemented a dedicated disabled access showering area, catering to inclusivity and accessibility requirements.
  4. Hot Water Infrastructure: A new domestic hot water tank was installed, upgrading the facility’s hot water infrastructure for improved efficiency.
  5. Water Systems Enhancement: Domestic hot and cold water systems were revamped to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.
  6. Drainage Improvement: Above-ground drainage systems were upgraded to ensure seamless and reliable drainage.


The successful completion of the project delivered the following key outcomes:

  • Modernised Facilities: The refurbished toilet blocks, new tea points, and the disabled access showering area transformed the office into a modern and inclusive workspace.
  • Operational Efficiency: The installation was flawlessly delivered within the 2-month timeframe, enabling the office to resume operations promptly.
  • Enhanced Amenities: The addition of new tea points and the disabled access showering area contributed to improved amenities and employee well-being.
  • Infrastructure Upgrade: Upgraded hot and cold water systems, along with enhanced drainage, ensured optimal functionality and longevity of the office’s infrastructure.

A&S Mechanical Engineering’s commitment to precision and efficiency was evident in the successful transformation of the Kettering office space. This case study showcases our expertise in delivering seamless mechanical installations that modernise and enhance workplace environments.