• Client: B Price
  • Location: UK
  • Value: £1,450,000.00
  • Works: Full mechanical and electrical design and build project

Comprehensive Mechanical and Electrical Transformation for 180 The Strand.

A full-scale mechanical and electrical design and build project to transform office space spanning three floors at 180 The Strand; an iconic building transformed into a creative hub for people and progress.

The project encompassed a wide range of critical elements, including domestic services, above-ground drainage, air conditioning systems, mechanical heat recovery, controls, lighting, fire safety, data, and more. The goal was to create a modern, efficient, and compliant office environment that met their specific needs.


  1. Diverse Services Integration: Integrating various mechanical and electrical services into a coherent system required careful planning and precise execution.
  2. Comfort and Efficiency: Achieving the right balance between comfort and energy efficiency was crucial. Heat loss and heat gain calculations were necessary for the design of the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heating and cooling system.
  3. Compliance and Safety: Ensuring compliance with building regulations and safety standards for lighting, fire alarms, and emergency lighting was essential.
  4. Custom Solutions: Collaborating closely with the client to tailor small power and data installations to their specific requirements presented a unique challenge.


A&S Mechanical and Electrical undertook this multifaceted project, employing our extensive experience in mechanical and electrical design and build. We addressed the client’s needs through a series of comprehensive solutions:

  1. VRF Air Conditioning: Detailed heat loss and heat gain calculations informed the design of individual VRF systems for each floor. External condensers were strategically placed on each floor, and centralised controllers provided group control while allowing localised overrides.
  2. Domestic Services: New domestic services were designed and installed for toilet blocks and tea points on each floor. Hot water was generated efficiently via point-of-use water heaters concealed within IPS panels.
  3. Mechanical Heat Recovery: Heat recovery ventilation systems were designed and installed on each floor, delivering heat-recovered fresh air through purpose-made louvred walls within plant rooms.
  4. Controls and Lighting: A centralised controls system ensured efficient management of all building systems. We collaborated with the client’s preferred lighting supplier to design a lighting system that met both aesthetic and regulatory requirements.
  5. Fire Safety: Fire alarm systems and emergency lighting were meticulously designed and installed to comply with current building regulations, prioritising safety.
  6. Small Power and Data: Close collaboration with the client led to tailored small power and data installations, ensuring all areas were equipped with sufficient resources to meet their operational needs.


The comprehensive mechanical and electrical transformation at 180 The Strand resulted in a modern, efficient, and compliant office space. The benefits included:

  • Efficiency: The VRF air conditioning systems provided efficient temperature control, reducing energy costs while maintaining comfort.
  • Safety and Compliance: The installation of fire alarm systems and emergency lighting ensured the workplace adhered to safety regulations.
  • Custom Solutions: The client’s unique requirements were met through tailored small power and data solutions.

A&S Mechanical and Electrical successfully delivered a comprehensive mechanical and electrical design and build project, providing the client with a state-of-the-art office space that met their specific needs, combining comfort, efficiency, and safety.