Plumbing forms the mainstay of our business. As such, A&S Mechanical offer a very effective design and installation service built on recognised guidelines and regulations, covering public health services to all sectors.

Water Boosting

A booster pump is a device that increases low water pressure and flow. It provides the extra boost needed to bring your water pressure to the desired level. A water booster pump provides pressure to move water from a storage tank or throughout a whole house or commercial facility. A&S can design, supply and install pumping solutions for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Water conditioning

A & S Mechanical install water conditioners and softeners within residential and commercial premises. Water conditioners are designed to treat hard water to prevent limescale formation by directly targeting the minerals. Water softeners utilise salt added to the water supply to counteract the formation of limescale directly without altering minerals.

Commercial Washrooms

Commercial washrooms are larger rooms containing multiple toilets and sinks, typically found at restaurants, stations and airports. A&S specialise in the mechanical design and installation of these.

Commercial Showers

Commercial showers are typically found at gyms, sport centres and large offices. Commercial showers and bathrooms must stand up to heavier usage and as such the design and installation needs to be carefully considered. A&S have worked on many commercial shower room projects for private clients and local councils. As with commercial washrooms A&S can provide a design and installation service to match the design brief or client expectation.

Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems typically include hot water generation by a cylinder or tank, these can be either electric or fed via a fuel source such as a gas boiler. The capacity and durability of these tanks is matched to the system/client requirements to make sure that hot water is correctly delivered to each outlet at the right volume and pressure. A&S using the Institute of Plumbing (IOP) guidelines have been designing and installing hot water systems for 40 plus years and can be considered an expert in this area.

Water Distribution

Water distribution within residential, commercial or industrial projects is typical undertaken using water boosting pumps for cold water and circulation pumps for hot water. Both methods are considered the best way to deliver the correct volume and pressure of water to each outlet required.

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