Established since 1969

About us

Tim Lowe

“Our commitment to client satisfaction is ingrained in the blueprint of our company, passed down through generations. Our foundations are built on precision, reliability, and a relentless pursuit of engineering excellence.”

Founder and Managing Director


Graham Appleby established the company, focusing on servicing brewers

1975 - 1990

Perseveres through 3 recessions

The company perseveres through three recessions.


Tim Lowe begins his apprenticeship

Tim begins his apprenticeship as a plumber and mechanical engineer alongside his father, Graham.


Tim founds A&S 1969 Limited

A&S operates out of a converted garage.


First employee hired

Tim hires his first administrative assistant.


Establish an office in Repton

Creating a team for expanding client outreach and taking on commercial projects.


The company faces another recession


Relocates to a larger facility in Pride Park Derby.

Team expands to include nine members, including James Clayton, future company director.

2014 - 2019

A&S expand to employ over 150 people

Over these five years, the team grow to over 150 strong.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the company strategically restructures

Renamed as A&S Mechanical Limited to represent its broadened portfolio of services. The company now encompasses a full range of HVAC and Electrical Services and Maintenance Packages.


A&S Mechanical provides comprehensive mechanical and electrical services

Their service packages range from £5,000 to multi-million-pound contracts whilst staying true to its heritage by supporting smaller client projects.