• Client: SAFPOL
  • Location: London
  • Value: 32k
  • Works: Wet underfloor heating, Gas combination boiler, Water conditioner and cold-water booster pump set, along with two high end bathroom suites.
  • Duration: 4 months

Engineering’s London Luxury Apartment Transformation at Earls Court

A&S Mechanical Engineering partnered with SAFPOL, a renowned high-end fit-out company based in London, to deliver a design and build, full installation service. The project aimed to convert a 2-bed apartment in the prestigious Earls Court area into a luxurious living space


  1. Luxury Specification: Meeting the exacting standards of high-end fit-out requirements demanded precision and attention to detail.
  2. Comprehensive Installation: Providing a full suite of mechanical systems, including wet underfloor heating, a gas combination boiler, water conditioner, cold-water booster pump set, and high-end bathroom suites, required seamless integration.
  3. Project Timeline: Completing the transformation within the allocated four-month timeframe was crucial for project success.


A&S Mechanical Engineering devised a comprehensive solution to meet these challenges:

  1. Wet Underfloor Heating: Precision installation of a wet underfloor heating system ensured even and efficient heating throughout the luxury apartment.
  2. Gas Combination Boiler: The installation of a high-performance gas combination boiler provided reliable and energy-efficient heating solutions.
  3. Water Conditioner and Booster Pump Set: Integration of a water conditioner and cold-water booster pump set ensured optimal water quality and pressure for the apartment’s needs.
  4. High-End Bathroom Suites: A&S Mechanical Engineering curated and installed two exquisite high-end bathroom suites, adding a touch of opulence to the living space.


The successful completion of the project delivered the following key outcomes:

  • Luxury Transformation: The 2-bed apartment in Earls Court was transformed into a sophisticated and opulent living space, meeting the high standards expected in the luxury fit-out industry.
  • Efficient Heating: Wet underfloor heating and the gas combination boiler ensured a comfortable and energy-efficient heating solution.
  • Optimal Water Quality: The water conditioner and booster pump set contributed to a consistent and high-quality water supply throughout the apartment.
  • Timely Completion: Despite the comprehensive nature of the project, A&S Mechanical Engineering successfully completed the design and build within the allocated four-month timeframe.
  • Project Value: The project, valued at £32k, showcased the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of A&S Mechanical Engineering’s services.

This case study highlights A&S Mechanical Engineering’s ability to seamlessly integrate high-end mechanical systems, delivering a luxurious transformation in collaboration with esteemed fit-out partners. Our commitment to precision and excellence is evident in every aspect of this London luxury apartment project.