• Client: Grace Construction
  • Location: UK
  • Value: £400k
  • Works: Full Mechanical Package
  • Duration: 9 months

Elevating Comfort and Efficiency at Kings Crescent Apartments

A&S Mechanical Engineering was commissioned by Grace Construction to oversee the design and installation of the full mechanical package for Kings Crescent, an apartment block housing 48 1 and 2-bedroom apartments. Given our longstanding collaboration and the trust in our technical (and design) capabilities, the client chose not to employ a separate consultant. Our experience and expertise ensured the project would align with their vision and budget.


  1. Client-Centric Design: Meeting the client’s expectations and staying within budget required careful, client-centric design.
  2. Efficiency and Comfort: Ensuring the mechanical systems would deliver superior comfort, efficiency, and convenience for the residents was a top priority.
  3. Budget Adherence: Adhering to the specified budget constraints while meeting the client’s expectations posed a significant challenge.


A&S Mechanical Engineering designed and executed a tailored solution to address these challenges:

  1. Client-Driven Approach: Leveraging our previous collaboration, we designed the mechanical package to align precisely with the client’s vision and budget, eliminating the need for an external consultant.
  2. Mechanical Specification: The project featured several key elements, including centralised boilers, a booster set, storage tank, a sprinkler system, apartment heat interface units, sub-metering, apartment fit-out, low-pressure hot water (LPHW) heating within apartments, and apartment ventilation.
  3. Budget Management: We closely managed project costs, ensuring that the final design and installation remained within the client’s financial boundaries.
  4. Metering Strategy: A strategic metering approach was implemented, ensuring efficient measurement and billing for utilities.
  5. Heat Interface Units: The project incorporated heat interface units, allowing residents to have individual control over their heating and hot water, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.
  6. Ventilation: High-quality ventilation systems were installed to maintain superior air quality within the apartments.
  7. Centralised Boiler Plant: Centralised boilers were deployed to provide efficient heating for all apartments while streamlining maintenance.


The project’s completion yielded the following results:
  • Client Satisfaction: The mechanical package at Kings Crescent was precisely tailored to meet the client’s expectations, with budget constraints carefully adhered to.
  • Comfort and Efficiency: The installed systems, including heat interface units and centralised boilers, delivered superior comfort and energy efficiency for the residents.
  • Budgetary Satisfaction: The project remained within the specified budget, successfully managing costs without compromising on quality.

A&S Mechanical Engineering’s client-driven approach, coupled with our expertise in mechanical design and installation, ensured that the Kings Crescent apartment block was equipped with efficient, budget-friendly, and high-quality mechanical systems. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering excellence while staying within client-defined constraints.