• Client: Grace Construction
  • Location: Derby, UK
  • Value: £380k
  • Works: Stage 4 Design, Heating & Cooling Systems, Mechanical Ventilation, Humidity Control, Vehicle Exhaust Extraction, Domestic Hot & Cold Water and Above Ground Drainage.

Preserving Prestige with Rolls Royce Great Northern Classics

We’re proud to be a part of an incredibly prestigious project; converting a redundant warehouse into the Rolls Royce Heritage Centre, named Great Northern Classics. The project involved an extensive design and delivery installation, encompassing diverse elements such as a new VRF air conditioning system, mechanical ventilation heat recovery units (MVHR), multi-function extract air systems, a wet radiator heating system, and a comprehensive public health package featuring welfare facilities and a café.


  1. Adaptive Design: Converting a warehouse into a heritage centre required an adaptive design strategy to meet the unique demands of preserving Rolls Royce heritage.
  2. Complex Systems Integration: Coordinating the installation of diverse systems, including VRF air conditioning, MVHR units, extract air systems, and a wet radiator heating system, demanded meticulous planning and execution.
  3. Specialised Requirements: Accommodating specific requirements such as humidity control extraction and paint spray booth extraction added complexity to the project.


A&S Mechanical Engineering implemented a strategic solution to address these challenges:

  1. Advanced Design: Stage 4 mechanical design was meticulously conducted, considering the unique requirements of the heritage centre and the preservation of Rolls Royce artifacts.
  2. State-of-the-Art Cooling: A new VRF air conditioning system was installed to provide precise and efficient climate control for the heritage centre.
  3. Ventilation Mastery: MVHR units and multi-function extract air systems were strategically implemented to ensure optimal ventilation and air quality control.
  4. Humidity Control: Specialised humidity control extraction systems were integrated to safeguard the heritage artifacts against environmental damage.
  5. Safety Measures: Paint spray booth extraction systems were introduced, adhering to safety standards and ensuring a secure environment within the heritage centre.
  6. Comprehensive Water Systems: Domestic hot and cold water systems were installed to meet the facility’s requirements, complemented by above-ground drainage systems for seamless operation.


The ongoing project has delivered the following key outcomes:

  • Preserving Heritage: The adaptive design and advanced systems contribute to the preservation of Rolls Royce heritage artifacts.
  • Efficient Climate Control: The VRF air conditioning system ensures precise and efficient climate control within the heritage centre.
  • Ventilation Excellence: MVHR units and multi-function extract air systems maintain optimal air quality and ventilation.
  • Specialised Extraction: Humidity control and paint spray booth extraction systems safeguard heritage artifacts and ensure safety.
  • Comprehensive Facilities: The public health package, including welfare facilities and a café, adds to the overall functionality and visitor experience.

A&S Mechanical Engineering’s ongoing dedication to excellence is evident in the ongoing transformation of “Great Northern Classics”. This case study underscores our proficiency in designing and delivering complex mechanical installations tailored to the unique needs of heritage preservation.